Tooth extraction aftercare.

In order for the wound to heal properly one shall:

  1. Press the extraction site with a tampon for 15-20 min. After that time the compress shall be replaced. Keeping it longer than 30 min can have adverse effects.
  2. Not eat while the numbness persists (about 2 hours). Consume only cool food within 2 days after the surgery.
  3. Brush one’s teeth on the same day avoiding brushing the extraction site. It is recommended to spit out foam rather than rinse one’s mouth.
  4. After 24 hours start gently rinsing your mouth with ready-made products like Eludril, Corsodyl or cool sage infusion, slightly salted water, hydrogen peroxide solution (1 table spoon of peroxide per half a glass of water). One shall remember that too dynamic rinsing may damage delicate clots.
  5. Avoid physical effort and staying in high temperatures – it can cause excessive bleeding and pain.
  6. Not use stimulants within 24 hours after the surgery.


When the anesthetics wear off, one may experience pain, which can be treated with a painkiller (PARACETAMOL, IBUPROM). After a difficult extraction or an extensive surgery pain may persist for longer time. In such cases the doctor can prescribe a painkiller or recommend other non-prescription medicines

If pain persists 3 days after the surgery, contact your doctor.


After a surgery swelling may occur with its peak on the second day after the surgery. In order to avoid it, one shall apply cold compresses for 20 minutes. This can be repeated at 20 min intervals. AESCIN is recommended, available in your local pharmacy (chestnuts extract), 2-3 pills 3 times a day for a few days.

Postoperative bleeding.

Bleeding usually stops within 30 minutes after the surgery, however, minimal bleeding can last up to 5-6 hours. Saliva may be blood-stained within 24 hours after the surgery. In the case of bleeding:

  1. If the bleeding doesn’t stop after 5-6 hours, one shall carefully remove big clots with the use of a sterile tampon, and then roll one and bite on it.
  2. The tampon shall be replaced every 20 minutes.
  3. If the bleeding doesn’t stop after multiple tampon replacement, contact your doctor.