Prosthetic bridges.

This procedure allows restoration of lost teeth. Thanks to this technology we can recreate the lost tooth’s shape, color and symmetry as well as fully restore the chewing functions. The bridge can be installed on teeth or implants. Recreation of lost teeth prevents from damages described in Tooth loss.

In order to install a bridge the dentist files the teeth adjacent to the gap resulted after extraction. The teeth are reduced by about 2 mm. Next, temporary crowns are made and installed which, until the proper bridge is installed, will protect the teeth from irritation as well as will restore its natural look. Next, silicone mass impression is made and sent to the dental lab.

After colour selection, the technicians prepare a bridge imitating own teeth. In this way they restore the continuity of the dental arc. The bridge, apart from its natural look, protects from damaging influence of bacteria. It consists of two crowns connected with each other by the missing teeth.

Bridge structure:

  • The internal layer is the construction skeleton responsible mainly for durability. It is made from metal, titanium, gold or zirconium alloys. More details about various materials are available in the Prosthetic crowns section.
  • The external layer made from porcelain, called a veneer, is responsible for aesthetic adjustment to the remaining teeth.