Price list

The prices include VAT.

Conservative dentistry
Service Price
dental check-up 150 zł
single surface filling 400 zł
two surface filling 550 zł
three surface filling 700 zł
filling under microscope 800 zł
The prices include VAT.
Root canal treatment
Service Price
Primary endodontic treatment
one-canal teeth 1000 zł
two-canal teeth 1400 zł
three-canal teeth 1600 zł
four-canal teeth 1800 zł
repeated canal treatment
one-canal teeth 1200 zł
two-canal teeth 1600 zł
three-canal teeth 1800 zł
four-canal teeth 2000 zł
tooth reconstruction for root canal treatment 300 zł
removal of a broken tool 500 - 1000 zł
removing the metal insert / fiberglass insert 500 zł
perforation coverage / step bypass in the root 500 zł
The prices include VAT.
Service Price
tartar removal, +sand blasting, +fluoridation or hydroxyapatite cover 250 - 400 zł
sandblasting, +fluoridation or hydroxyapatite cover 200 - 250 zł
tartar removal, +fluoridation or hydroxyapatite cover 200 - 250 zł
In-practice whitening PrevDent 1500 zł
Whitening Kit (trays + 4 syringes) 1000 zł
The prices include VAT.
Service Price
tooth extraction 500 zł
root extraction 500 - 800 zł
wisdom tooth extraction (M3 - third molar) 700 - 1400 zł
surgical tooth extraction 700 - 1400 zł
root apex resection 1500 - 2000 zł
bone reconstruction 1500 - 2000 zł
extraction of unsuccessful extraction from other practice 700 - 1200 zł
periodontal recession covering 1000 - 2000 zł
The prices include VAT.
Implantology (cprices vary depending on implantology system)
Service Price
consultation (computed tomography is required, additionally payable 300-400 zł) 150 zł
implant and implant crown placement 7000 - 9000 zł
implant placement (depending on system) 3500 - 4000 zł
placing crown on implant 3500 - 4500 zł
prosthesis on 2 implants 6000 - 9000 zł
(implant costs not included)
prosthesis on 4 implants 8000 - 15000 zł
bone reconstruction 1500 - 2000 zł
elevation of the bottom of the maxillary sinus 3500 - 5000 zł
The prices include VAT.
Service Price
metal-porcelain crown 1200 zł
zirconian crown 2000 zł
porcelain veneer 2000 zł
temporary crown (made in the office) 200 zł
temporary crown (made in the prosthetic laboratory) 300 zł
prosthesis acrylic 1500 zł
skeletal prosthesis 2000 zł
acetal prosthesis 2200 zł
prosthesis on locks 3500 zł
dental guard 700 zł
endodontic post simple (metal) 700 zł
endodontic post complex (fibre glass) 500 zł
wax-up 70 zł per point
The prices include VAT.
Service Price
dental X-ray 50 zł
panoramic dental X-ray 120 zł
CBCT 3D tomography jaw and mandible 400 zł
CBCT 3D tomography + MAR jaw and mandible 500 zł
Intraoral scanner + models printing 220 zł
The prices include VAT.
Service Price
PRF - platelet-rich fibrin 2 amp 800 zł
PRF - platelet-rich fibrin 4 amp 1000 zł
The prices include VAT.

All surgeries performed in our offices require the patient’s consent.

All the appointments in our offices are confirmed by phone.

In case of a failure to make contact, we send a text message. The lack of confirmation of the appointment results in its cancellation.

In order to secure the doctor's work, the down payment is also collected on longer visits, such as:

  • treatment under the microscope
  • laser teeth whitening
  • surgical treatment
  • another treatment when visiting for more than an hour

Convinced about high quality of work of our team and the dental laboratories we cooperate with, all the services come with a warranty.*

The warranty requires 6-monthly regular dental check-ups for general oral health assessment when, if necessary, tartar and stains removal is performed.

Warranty duration:

  • Fillings – 1 year
  • Prosthetic restoration permanent (crowns and bridges covered with porcelain) – 2 years
  • Dental implants - 5 years

* the warranty does not cover the temporary works and the works performed at the patient’s wish when he/she was informed about the lack of the warranty or its limitations (e.g. proceeding against the best and well-accepted current treating methods, skipping necessary medical procedures).

The warranty is void in the case of:

  • the patient’s insufficient oral hygiene,
  • failure to stick to the check-up visits schedule,
  • the personal accident, unrelated to the quality of the treatment,
  • natural bone shrinkage and periodontal changes,
  • any general diseases having impact on the health of the masticatory organ, such as diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis.