Postimplantation instructions.

In order for the wound to heal properly it is recommended:

  1. to not eat nor drink while the anesthetics are still working (around 2 hours),
  2. when anesthesia wears off one can consume food that does not require excessive chewing. Foods and beverages should be cold or cool,
  3. o mouthwash with 0.2% of chlorhexidine solution (CORSODYL, ELUDRIL) after every meal. In the event of taste disorders, it is recommended to use a cool infusion of sage, slightly salted water or hydrogen peroxide solution (1 table spoon of hydrogen peroxide per half of glass of water) to rinse one’s mouth,
  4. the next day after the surgery to gently use a new and soft toothbrush,
  5. to rest 24h after the surgery (physical effort can lead to excessive bleeding and pain),
  6. not to use stimulants.


When the painkillers wear off, pain shows up – it can be easily alleviated with a pill (IBUPROFEN + PARACETAMOL). After a difficult and extensive surgery pain can last very long

If the pain is still felt after 3 days after the surgery, contact your doctor.


After a surgery swelling may last 4-5 days. In order to avoid that, one can apply cold compresses in the form of an object, previously cooled in a freezer and wrapped in a cloth, applied to the swelling area for 20 minutes. This can be repeated at 20 min intervals up until 72 hours after the surgery.

Postoperative bleeding..

Bleeding usually stops within 30 minutes after the surgery, however, minimal bleeding can last up to 5-6 hours. Saliva may be blood-stained within 24 hours after the surgery. In the case of bleeding

  1. If the bleeding doesn’t stop after 5-6 hours, one shall carefully remove big clots with the use of sterile tampon, and then roll one and bite on it.
  2. The tampon shall be replaced every 20 minutes.
  3. If the bleeding doesn’t stop after multiple compress replacement, contact your doctor.
If an implant has been installed in the lower jaw and the feeling in your lip and chin does not come back within 4 hours after the surgery – CALL THE DOCTOR!

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