Oral hygiene.

Proper oral hygiene is essential for dental health throughout entire life.

The main cause of various masticatory organ diseases, gums in particular, are bacteria.

Important for dental health is what patients can do themselves at home. Home hygiene is about removing harmful bacteria causing oral inflammation. It can, in turn, lead to dental caries, periodontal diseases and, as a consequence, to teeth loss. Home hygiene is important and extremely efficient if done properly.

Dental hygiene does not only concern teeth. It also refers to gums, tongue, crowns, bridges, implants, as well as full and partial prostheses.

EDENT oral hygiene office is run by qualified hygienist - Agata Szulecka-Pajewska.

The office aims at restoring the patient’s healthy oral hygiene and helping them maintain their teeth till the end.

Hygienist’s duties involve:

  • teaching proper oral hygiene
  • teaching brushing and brush selecting including the one-tuft and interdental ones
  • teaching flossing and dental floss selecting
  • toothpaste and mouth-wash selection
  • scaling – hard dental deposit removal
  • sandblasting – staining and dental plaque removal with polishing
  • eliminating tooth hypersensitivity and its cause determination
  • fluoridation
  • tooth sealing
  • in-office and overlay night tooth whitening
  • dental guards
  • adaptation visits for all patients regardless their age
  • encouraging children’s well-being in the office.

We truly believe that with us one can keep their teeth till the end of their lives!