Before the first appointment.

Having in mind our patients’ health and safety as well the highest quality of the service, we would like to ask you to fill out the questionnaire.

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All surgeries performed in our offices require the patient’s consent.

All the appointments in our offices are confirmed by phone.

In case of a failure to make contact, we send a text message. The lack of confirmation of the appointment results in its cancellation.

Preventive dentistry:

teeth and gum disease prevention. It allows the protection of the healthy teeth against caries and periodontal disease (grooves sealing, fluoride, etc.).

Conservative dentistry:

painless treatment of tooth caries, noncarious lesions, reconstruction of broken teeth, tooth shape corrections, restoration of teeth using titanium or glass fiber inlays, stains removal, vital and non-vital teeth whitening.


i.e. a root canal treatment in the teeth with a significant degree of pulp damage and diseases enabling their continuous use without the necessity to extract. We use equipment to precisely measure the length of the root canal in order to fill it in during one visit.

Dental surgery:

soft and hard tissue surgeries such as tooth and root extraction, root resection, frenulum incision and many others crucial for healthy oral cavity.


Dental implants are titanium screws imitating missing natural root. Human body perfectly tolerates implants allowing a permanent restoration of missing teeth. Implants enable us to fully restore single or multiple teeth loss, including the restoration of the entire dentition.

Presentation of BIOMET 3i implants

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treatment of gum disease leading to so called “periodontitis”. We perform dental deposits removal with the use of hand tools and ultrasounds as well as dental sand-blasting units. We also reinforce loosened teeth extending their life.


lost or badly damaged teeth replacement. All kinds of removable and permanent restorations (veneers, crowns, bridges).


treatment for children. We offer a wide range of light cured fillings in various colours encouraging kids to continue the treatment. Gerostomatology: treating old age related diseases.

Cosmetic dentistry:

combination of all fields of dentistry in order to achieve an aesthetic and natural look of the teeth. All surgeries can be performed painlessly in local anesthesia.